christmas in paradise

Spending Christmas in the sunshine this year. I miss fairy lights and snowscapes and mulled wine already.


In a saturated magazine market, it takes a certain something in a new print publication to catch my eye. My taste (The Gentlewoman, Apartamento) is quite defined. I like smart magazines, but not too wordy. Beautiful design, gorgeous photography - and, well, some soul. 

Riposte's schtick is simple and clever - five ideas, four meetings, three features, two essays and one icon. For more, see their website

cruel sun / painted light

My obsession with light drives my emotions. The way the rays of sunshine light up the nape of a neck, diffract on a curtain, between the diffuse and the solid, the growing shadows on a wall, the different shades. For three years now, I have been recreating my childhood, the sensations, the places, the faces; it’s my main art project. The end of holidays, my best friend running on a hill, a night procession, the smile of a girl, the early sunset foreshadowing the eventual nostalgia, the wind, the simple act of breathing, vulnerability, and also lakes and trees, other places that possess a strange, inexplicable aura. I somehow feel internally connected with the life embedded in nature. The dividing lines are fascinating, when we cross them, and the scale changes as well, the passage from childhood to adolescence, the dawn, falling in love. I would like to make light and memories so vivid you could touch them.

I’m always looking for something that is simple, close, dazzling, essential, and fragile.

everything changes, everything stays the same

The New York Herald Tribune is now the International New York Times. Jean Seberg would NOT approve, and nor do I.

so violet

A vintage approach to beauty in The Violet Files. True, old-style Hollywood glamour. 
Gorgeous newsletters and an irresistible Instagram.

pure poppy

I hope you're following clever Pure Poppy along on Instagram! She makes delicious dishes and, refreshingly, is not a vegetarian health food loon, just a health food loon.